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School Representative Training at the Regional Level

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Sierra Leona


This activity will help build the requisite leadership capacity of the union’s representation at the school level, which is the base of the union’s membership and its strength.


The training will strengthen the communication between the school level and the leadership of the union.

The activity will enable SLTU school representatives to respond to the needs of their members.

It will also demonstrate to all relevant stakeholders that the SLTU is a relevant, responsive and effective teacher organization.

Specific objectives:

  • Through this training programme, the SLTU will will be able to achieve its goal of improving the professional competencies of its school representatives. This will in turn allow for the following:
  • Effective service delivery to all teachers at the school level,
  • Improvement in the morale of the membership, and,
  • The promotion of quality education in Sierra Leone.


In each of the four regions of Sierra Leone, three days of leadership workshops will be provided to a maximum of 50 elected SLTU school representatives per region.


  • There will be an increase in knowledge and skills of school reps about the operations of their union and the education system, which will allow them to provide more effective representation on behalf of their members at the school level.
  • Communication among the membership within each school will be strengthened through the work of effectively trained school representatives, thereby:
  • Increasing membership participation in the activities of the union,
  • Increasing the interest and the participation of members in union affairs, and,
  • Increasing the morale of teachers to carry out their charge more effectively for the benefit of their students.
  • Providing school representatives with the skills they require to carry out their duties effectively while involving the membership of the union, thereby re-establishing the union at the school level, will both increase their own capacity as union leaders at the school level and promote quality education in Sierra Leone.
2023 – 2024
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Sierra Leona
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