Education Unions Take Action to End SRGBV

Publié 3 novembre 2016 Mis à jour 3 novembre 2016
Cooperating organizations
Global Affairs Canada, EI, UNGEI/UNICEF
Ethiopia, Gambia, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Uganda, South Africa, Zambia
Start date
4 novembre 2016
End date
31 décembre 2019
Gender;Health and Safety in Schools;

An initiative jointly developed by EI and UNGEI (the UN Girls’ Education Initiative), with technical expertise provided by Gender at Work.

The primary agents of change in the programme are members of the participating education unions, who are taking action to combat SRGBV within their union structures, local schools and communities. The programme uses Gender Action Learning (GAL) - developed by Gender at Work - as a participatory approach through which participants come to understand the nature of gender inequality and gender based violence in their contexts. The Gender Action Learning (GAL) process has allowed each union to test its own approaches to combat SRGBV, while sharing the experience with others. Peer learning within and between the different unions has been a core and successful strategy to sustain participants’ commitment and to find creative solutions to challenges encountered.


The programme is designed to enhance the capacity of the unions and their members to engage in ending SRGBV within their respective contexts at local, provincial/district or national level, as appropriate. The ultimate goal of the programme is to enhance the safety and security of male and female children, youth and teachers in educational settings.


3-year programme of union activities and peer-learning workshops


See mid-term report: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hUD5muFgs4aHl1lBQa1_H_bNrjqNS0tE/view

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Mid-term report available on EI website in three languages: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hUD5muFgs4aHl1lBQa1_H_bNrjqNS0tE/view