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Teacher-led Learning Circles for Formative Assessment (T3LFA)

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The Teacher-led Learning Circles for Formative Assessment project aims to provide teachers with tools and support to identify and establish effective teacher-led formative assessment practices that can be disseminated within and across education unions.

The project is led by Education International with funding from the Jacobs Foundation.


The key objectives of the programme are to:

• Train a first set of teachers to apply the teacher-led learning circle for formative assessment process, in which they i) identify challenges in their classroom and practices that could address these challenges, ii) pilot these practices through iterative testing, and finally iii) codify promising practices to make them easily replicable, and reflect on lessons learnt;

• Build the capacity to support teachers to apply the teacher-led learning circle for formative assessment process and advocate for the replication of this process and for the large-scale uptake of promising practices identified;

• Develop a replicable, rigorous and accessible process that supports additional teachers after the Programme ends, building on the lessons learnt with the first set of teachers;

• Grow an evidence repository of promising practices and lessons learnt related to formative assessment;

• Disseminate and advocate for the uptake of promising practices.


In each country, the project will support three Learning Circles over one school year. Each Learning Circle will be comprised of ten teachers, two local facilitators, and one local union representative. In total, the project will include 21 Learning Circles, 210 teachers, 42 local facilitators, and 21 local union representatives.

At the international level, the Jacobs Foundation and Education International will foster regular exchanges between teachers regionally, nationally, and globally through in-person and virtual sessions, including regional hubs.


The findings and most effective practices identified will inform the work of Education International member organisations operating in 178 countries and territories and organising over 32 million teachers around the world.

2023 – 2026
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