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published 18 January 2024 updated 12 February 2024

January 24th is the International Day of Education. Education is a human right, a public good, and a public responsibility. Free quality public education systems that are fully funded and led by a strong, valued, and respected teaching profession are the single most effective way to ensure the right to education for every child everywhere.

This is why educators around the world have mobilised for the Go Public! Fund Education campaign. We are standing together for public education, for the future our students deserve, for the dignified pay and working conditions educators deserve.

Join us! Use the materials below to raise your voice and call on your government to Go Public and Fund Education!

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#Education is

βœ… a human right

βœ… a public good

βœ… a public responsibility

Free quality #PublicEducation is the best way to ensure the right to education for everyone everywhere. Let's make it happen!

Call on your government to

πŸ“’ #GoPublic

πŸ“’ #FundEducation


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