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EI Africa SRGBV project 2023-2024

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Burkina Faso
Costa de Marfil


The project which covers the period 2023-2024 is designed to strengthen thecapacity of EI member organisations in10 French Speaking countries of Central and West Africato carry out effective work to address SRGBVin schools and unions to ensure safe teaching and learning environments for educators and learners. Activities will be conducted in person and online. It is implemented with the financial support of the National Education Association (USA).


This project aims to sustain the SRGBV work in the initial countries through experience sharing of the initiatives, monitoring, and mentoring of ongoing and upcoming activities, and to expand the SRGBV work in 2 sub regions of Central and West Africa.

Specific objectives:

  1. To support unions to increase awareness by mainstreaming fight against SRGBV into their annual work plans, policies/constitutions, disseminate unions’ codes of conduct and allocate resources (human, material, financial) for SRGBV work.
  2. To enable EI Africamonitor unions’ SRGBV work and build capacity of unions' representatives and women’s networks to take up the fight against SRGBV.
  3. To support unions to increase advocacy/lobbying/ negotiations on SRGBV issues with governments; build networks/coalitions with other partners (involving parents, community leaders, CSOs, state institutions…) to eradicate SRGBV, support victims of SRGBV by holding perpetrators accountable.
  4. EI Africa and member unions document SRGBV.


  • Sharing of documentation (stories, unions’methodologies) of the first SRGBV initiative (2016-2019) with unions.
  • Meetings of General secretaries to achieve unions’ commitment to address SRGBV.
  • Webinars on SRGBV by Sub regional women’s networks for representatives from unions and networks’ members to take up the fight against SRGBV.
  • Peer Learning workshop for SRGBV Change Teams / Learning circles of previous initiatives and gender coordinators/ gender focal persons of unions to enable sharing of experiences and knowledge.
  • Data collection and compiling of activity reports on SRGBV (Central and West African countries by AWEN national women’s networks).
  • Unions drafting of gender/SRGBV policies.


  • Increased awareness of unions on SRGBV;
  • Unions taking concrete actions to address SRGBV;
  • Union leaders support the unions’ SRGBV work;
  • Data on the prevalence and worse forms of SRGBV are collected and used to support union’s SRGBV work;
  • Gender officers/ coordinators/ focal persons are equipped with knowledge and skills to guide unions’ work on SRGBV;
  • Union members become change agents;
  • EI member unions in Central and West Africa have resource persons equipped with knowledge and skills to interact with union leaders and members on SRGBV issues.
2023 – 2024
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